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Barber School

If you have always dreamed of cutting hair professionally, Expo Beauty Institute is the place to turn to. Being a barber is a noble trade because you get to make sure that people walk around with a pleasing appearance both to themselves and others.

In our classes, you will be taught by experienced professional barbers, and they will show you all the tricks of the trade.

Our barber school is the most competitively priced in the area, and we are always taking in new applicants. Please get in touch with our team today if you'd like to learn how to start a career as a barber.

You can reach us at (206) 838-3154 any time.

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Learn the Barber Basics

The principles of barbering are broad but can be quickly learned when in the right hands. As long as you have a passion for giving good haircuts, learning the essential principles will be no problem.

Even if you have begun to learn some barber skills on your own time, our classes will teach you more and unlock a world of possibilities that you didn't even know you had in you.

Our instructors will teach you everything they know using hands-on teaching methods that will fit nicely into your basic repertoire of skills and help you become the barber you have the potential to be.

If you think barber school is where you want to advance your career, we will be glad to have you on board.

The Best Barber School Around

We can't wait to teach you the skills you will bring with you for the rest of your career. We know that it has taken a lot of effort to decide which barber school will be the right one for you. There are so many factors involved when choosing, like the cost, the work materials, the time, etc.

If you are still deciding, hesitate no longer! Just give us a call and speak with one of our team members. We get these questions all the time, and the representative you talk with will certainly help you out.

Once you speak with one of us, it will become clear that we are the school for you.

Get Coached by Experienced Barbers

Once class is in session, it is time to learn the basics. In our classes, you will enjoy one-on-one teaching from skilled barbers. Our barber coaching will teach you good habits and techniques to use while cutting hair, so your future clients walk away happy every time.

In our classes, you will learn how to provide the following:

  • Fades
  • Clipper cuts
  • Shear cuts
  • Beard design
  • Hot shaves
  • And more

Get in Touch with Expo Beauty Institute Today for the Ultimate Barber School Experience

All it takes is one phone call to get started with our team. We can't wait to pass on the knowledge that we have learned from years behind the barber's chair.

Our class will give you the skills and confidence you need to join the barbershop of your dreams or eventually start your own.

If you are curious about improving your barber skills, please get in touch with our team today to inquire about our class schedule at (206) 838-3154.

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